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Kincaid Tree Surgery has been serving the “unique little town” of Ault, and surrounding areas, for more than 65 years. We take pride in knowing our services have helped the Gateway to the Pawnees retain its country feel as seen in the tree lined streets and beautiful parks which give Ault its characteristic charm.

Established in 1952, Kincaid Tree Surgery has grown to become Northern Colorado’s premier tree service provider. Family owned and locally operated, we still manage our business on the same principles upon which it was founded. We believe in quality service at affordable prices and 100% customer satisfaction is our goal.

Kincaid Tree Surgery brings experience and expertise to every service we provide. Our ISA certified arborists oversee all tree maintenance programs to ensure the best care is given to every tree we are responsible for. From correct pruning techniques to advanced fertilization strategies, we have developed proven methods to keep your foliage looking beautiful regardless of any challenges your property may face.

Arborist and Tree Surgeon – Ault CO

We provide professional services in every aspect of tree maintenance. If it has to do with a tree, we can do it and we do it well. Here is a list of the quality services Kincaid Tree Surgery provides:

Tree Pruning

Although most people regularly prune their shrubs and other small foliage, trees often go neglected. Pruning a tree is critical to maintain health and help with longevity. We provide pruning and tree maintenance to both residential and commercial properties throughout Northern Colorado.

Tree Removal

When a tree dies it needs to be removed before it becomes dangerous. We can remove any tree regardless of size or location with no damage to other trees or structures on your property.

Deep Root Fertilization

Our deep root fertilization delivers slow release nitrogen directly to the root system and aerates your soil at the same time. Your trees will be noticeably greener and more immune to disease when properly fertilized.

Stump Grinding

We’ll remove any stump, big or small. Our stump grinding takes your stump below grade to prevent regrowth and leave you with a manageable space to use as you see fit.  It’s fast and easy.

Insect and Disease Control

Whether you have an infestation or just want to prevent insects and disease in the future, our certified arborists and pest control specialists will devise the right program for your individual needs.

We offer integrated plans for tree care incorporating one or several of our services. Trees are significant amenities on your property and they represent sizable investments. We respond to emerging issues but our real value lies in our ability to prevent problems from arising through preventative care.

If you need a solution to an existing tree problem, we can help. If you are looking to work with a certified arborist to develop a long-term care and maintenance program for your property, give us a call today. We will work with you to develop the optimal plan for your trees and you can rest easy that you are receiving the best care possible.

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