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Professional Insect & Disease Control in Northern Colorado

Insects and diseases attack trees in different ways and cause a wide variety of damage. Some will only cause aesthetic damage while others will kill a mature tree in a short period of time. If you suspect you have a tree damaged by insects or disease, or you are looking for a preventative program to ward off any future attacks, Kincaid Tree Surgery’s certified arborists and state licensed insect control foremen can combine to create a plan for your specific landscape issues.

The threat of insect and disease is very real. Every year tens of thousands of acres of forestland are infested with pests and thousands of trees are lost. There are many different types of insects and diseases that are harmful to trees. Our experienced insect and disease control personnel stay on top of which varieties are active in your area and know the signs to look for and the intervention to use when needed.

Insects and Disease

There are hundreds of species of insects which can be found on a tree. Some are detrimental to a tree’s health while others can be beneficial by aiding in natural processes like pollination. It takes training and experience to understand the signs these insects leave behind and formulate a plan to rid your trees of unwanted pests.

Many different diseases can harm a tree. These abnormalities are caused by bacteria and fungi, or by stresses like air pollution, drought, and temperature extremes. It takes a true professional to understand which disease is affecting a tree because many exhibit similar symptoms. Developing an effective control program is difficult without accurate diagnosis. Fortunately, the team at Kincaid Tree Surgery is up to the task

Often, diseases and insects work in tandem to harm your landscape. Once a tree is weakened by a disease, it can become very susceptible to certain insects. Often, a once healthy tree can go into rapid decline as it battles a host of intruders.

Integrated Approaches are the Best Solution

Although spraying for insects and disease is an effective intervention, we prefer to use an integrated approach to give your trees their best chance for success. By properly pruning your plants and creating quality soil conditions through deep root fertilization, your trees can become strong enough to ward off most attacks from pests and disease.

Our team can perform periodic inspections to look for signs of any insect or disease negatively impacting your trees. If treatment is necessary, our arborists and pest control specialists will create a plan unique to your situation. In this way, intervention is not made prematurely or unnecessarily.

Kincaid Tree Surgery has over sixty-five years of experience caring for trees in Northern Colorado. We use all this experience to create the best environment possible for your trees to thrive. Our team is highly trained in various specialties to provide the best care possible for your landscape. If you suspect you have a problem with insects or disease, or you want a preventative maintenance schedule put in place, we will be able to give you what you need when you need it.

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