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Professional Tree Pruning & Trimming in Northern Colorado

Keeping a tree healthy requires occasional pruning and the ISA certified arborists at Kincaid Tree Surgery know exactly when a tree needs maintenance and what steps to take to ensure longevity. With over 65 years in the industry, we have the experience, the expertise, and the equipment to tackle any commercial or residential pruning need.

Trees can reach heights greater than two stories and the limbs of a tree this size are heavy and awkward to handle. Pruning a large tree yourself can be dangerous without proper training and equipment. Plus, if a tree is pruned improperly it can lead to more damage down the road.

Our arborists specialize in balancing your landscaping goals with the health of your trees. We can quickly evaluate your situation and recommend the best course of action to take.

Why Tree Pruning is Necessary

Pruning is necessary maintenance to ensure the health of your trees. Proper pruning will keep a tree healthy and provide a stronger specimen which will last far longer than a tree which remains untouched.

  • Removing unhealthy and unsightly branches is more important than just making the tree look nice. Without pruning, trees may become dangerous as diseased or dead branches can fall without notice.
  • A properly pruned tree will be more resistant to pests and will be less likely to fall victim to disease.
  • When necessary and appropriate, thinning a tree allows for more sunlight to come through the canopy and allows undergrowth to flourish.
  • When a tree is professionally pruned it is able to better withstand high winds which means less clean up and potential property damage for you after a severe storm.

When to Consider Calling Kincaid Tree Surgery

Most property owners are unsure when it comes time to decide whether or not a tree needs maintenance. Sometimes the pruning is purely aesthetic. Other times, a tree needs to be maintained to prevent unsafe conditions from continuing. If any of the following situations exist, consider giving Kincaid Tree Surgery a call:

  • If your trees have not been pruned in several years.
  • If branches are encroaching on power lines.
  • If your trees are hanging over a property line.
  • If your tree has grown very close to a building or is touching a structure
  • If you notice dead or dying limbs.

Young Trees Benefit from Pruning

Mature trees get the most attention when it comes to pruning but younger trees can benefit as well. Trees in the forest tend to grow straight and lose their lower branches due to competition for light. When a tree is planted by itself it does not automatically take this naturally strong form.

Many young trees can benefit from structural pruning to make sure weight is evenly distributed and the tree is able to reach its full height and still be stable.

Like most beautiful amenities, trees need maintenance to remain healthy and look their best.  Regular pruning is essential to this maintenance program. If you have trees in need of pruning, call a certified arborist who is bonded and insured. It makes the process painless for you and better for your trees.

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