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Professional Stump Grinding & Removal in Northern Colorado

You’ve probably been there. You spend all day removing a tree, chipping the branches, and raking the yard. You congratulate yourself on a job well done and feel pretty good until you realize there is a stump in the middle of your lawn and it will take another day of backbreaking labor to make it disappear. That’s when you call Kincaid Tree Surgery for some stump grinding.

Of course, you can always dig the stump out. That means a lot of work with the shovel in order to get the entire root ball. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a pretty big piece of your yard torn up, and a big hole to fill.

Stumps Should Be Removed

Leaving the stump is not a great option. Over time stumps become eyesores and obstacles. They are definitely a trip and fall hazard for anyone not paying close attention.

Stumps are not fun to mow around. Worse yet, if you hit one with your lawn mower you run the risk of causing extensive damage to your lawn care equipment.

Unfortunately, stumps are not maintenance free. Many begin trying to regrow by periodically sending up a number of small shoots. If you chop them down as soon as they surface it is not a difficult chore. But, if you wait too long, removal can be a bigger job than you bargained for.

Leaving something to rot in your yard is usually not a great idea. It takes a long time for a stump to disintegrate into a pile of rotten wood. Speaking of rotten wood; it is a prime habitat for a variety of wood loving insects. Termites, wood borers, beetles, and ants. All of the things you most likely don’t want introduced into your yard and possibly your home.

Stump Grinding is a Permanent Solution

At Kincaid Tree Surgery, we have large and small stump grinders to meet any stump grinding need. That means we can grind the biggest stumps, and even stumps wedged into tight spaces or near structures you don’t want damaged.

We can quickly and safely grind your stump to below grade. This prevents new growth from appearing as photosynthesis can’t occur in the dark below the soil and once the top of the root ball is ground down the remaining roots won’t survive.

If you have a small yard, space is at a premium. Removing your stump will open up numerous possibilities for additional plants in the garden or even an outdoor sitting area.

Kincaid Tree Surgery can quickly and safely remove one or many stumps from your property, no matter their size or location. Our expert crews understand trees and the best way to approach grinding their stumps. Don’t leave yourself with an eyesore. Contact Kincaid Tree Surgery today.

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