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Much has changed along the Front Range since 1952 when Kincaid Tree Surgery first opened for business in Loveland. But, the trees remain the same. In fact, some of our first “patients” are still out there, looking pretty good for 65.

When we first opened our doors, we did so with a firm commitment to providing professional tree services offered at affordable prices. We made it our goal to always strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Still family owned and locally operated, Kincaid Tree Surgery has relied on these values to grow into the premier provider of tree services in Northern Colorado.

Of course, we no longer are a one truck operation. Today, Kincaid Tree Surgery offers a full complement of end-to-end tree service solutions designed to keep your trees healthy and living longer. We stay at the top of the industry with individualized programs created by our ISA certified arborists to make sure you receive the best tree care available.

Arborist and Tree Surgeon – Loveland CO

As a full-service tree care company, we offer the following services to make sure every tree in Loveland has the opportunity to be healthy and live a long life:

Tree Pruning

Kincaid Tree Surgery professional pruning services involve input from a certified arborist to determine the best plan for your individual tree. With specific attention like this, your tree will be healthy, look beautiful, and be able to withstand the worst mother nature can offer when the big winds blow.

Tree Removal

Kincaid Tree Surgery can remove any tree on your property, big or small. We utilize the best practices in the industry to ensure our removal is safe, efficient, and won’t cause damage to your property.

Deep Root Fertilization

For fertilization to have the best results, the nutrients need to reach the roots without being diluted by water or blown away by wind. Kincaid Tree Surgery’s deep root fertilization injects slow release nitrogen and other nutrients directly into the root system.  Your trees will love it and you will notice the difference.

Stump Grinding

With Kincaid Tree Surgery’s stump grinding services you can remove any stump on your property. We have multiple grinders in various sizes to tackle any size stump and to maneuver into the tightest of spaces.

Insect and Disease Control

Let Kincaid Tree Surgery safeguard your trees against disease and insects by enrolling in one of our control programs. Without treatment, many trees cannot withstand the constant attack from pests and soon become sick. We can deliver results and keep your trees healthy.

Kincaid Tree Surgery is the premium tree care provider in Northern Colorado. We have decades of experience and consistently offer services which employ industry leading techniques. Whether you are looking for a tree removal, pest control plan, or pruning program for your trees, we will provide a thoughtful solution which respects your budget and your goals for your property. Integrated programs are available which combine several services to keep your trees healthy and looking beautiful. If you need tree care, contact Kincaid Tree Surgery today.

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