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There are many reasons that Fort Collins has been voted the best place to live in America, but we like to think it’s because of the trees. For over 65 years Kincaid Tree Surgery has been providing professional tree services to Fort Collins and the surrounding area and the results of our effort can be seen throughout the city.

In 1952, Kincaid Tree Surgery was founded as a small business with a love for trees. Today we are the premier tree service in Northern Colorado. We did it by sticking to our values. Family owned and locally operated, we believe in quality service at affordable prices. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction on every job.

From our humble beginnings we have grown to become sophisticated in our approach to tree health. Our ISA certified arborists painstakingly create every service and program to incorporate the best practices in the industry and the most current information available. We offer thoughtful solutions and take the time to explain our recommendations. At Kincaid Tree Surgery, you will find a partner well equipped to handle all your tree-related needs.

Arborist and Tree Surgeon – Fort Collins CO

Kincaid Tree Surgery offers an array of tree care services designed to promote the health of your trees in every way possible. Here is a list of our industry-leading services:

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning goes far beyond the simple trimming of branches. Trees need to maintain structural integrity to avoid losing branches to disease or significant weather events. Our certified arborists understand your trees and the best way to keep them looking great and living longer.

Tree Removal

Kincaid Tree Surgery has been removing trees in Fort Collins since 1952. We have the experience to tackle any job, no matter how large or complicated. With our own equipment and tree removal experts on staff, we can offer the safest and most efficient tree removal solutions in Northern Colorado.

Deep Root Fertilization

The best way to deliver much needed nutrients to your tree is to inject them deep into the ground so they reach the root system directly. This is the heart and soul of our deep root fertilization process and the effect it has on your tree’s health will be noticeable.

Stump Grinding

Kincaid Tree Surgery can grind any stump on your property. We don’t stop until the stump is below grade so you won’t have to worry about regrowth requiring attention.

Insect and Disease Control

Insects and disease are the constant enemies of trees in Northern Colorado. Our control programs treat your trees to withstand these pests and maintain good health, even when stressed by other environmental factors.

Our services are designed to keep your trees healthy for the long run. We bring our experience, expertise, and training to everything we do. Kincaid Tree Surgery offers individual services and integrated programs involving several services to ensure your trees have everything they need to thrive. If you need a tree-related service to keep your trees healthy and looking great, contact Kincaid Tree Surgery, today.

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