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Professional Tree Removal in Northern Colorado

Since 1952 Kincaid Tree Surgery has been taking care of trees in Fort Collins and throughout Northern Colorado. Despite our best efforts, sometimes it becomes necessary to remove a tree.  Fortunately, we have more than 65 years of experience and have learned a few things about removing trees along the way.

As certified arborists, our first instinct is to attempt to save trees whenever possible. When we are called for a tree removal we will first determine if there are other alternatives to total removal and communicate our thoughts to the property owner.

Tree removal can be a dangerous job if attempted without the right equipment and training. We have both. With experience in climbing and rigging and a full complement of commercial equipment we can remove any tree that needs our services. And, we can remove it safely and effectively.

We know it’s tempting for homeowners to attempt removing trees themselves, but it truly is an art form and without experience the job can become hazardous if things go wrong. Not to mention, some of these trees are really big and you need a sound strategy and plenty of experience to be successful.

Often, trees scheduled to be removed are growing in confined spaces near buildings or other vegetation. Our tree removal experts will take every precaution against causing any damage to your property during the process.

We take a scientific approach to tree removal and leave nothing to chance. There are many ways to remove a tree depending on the size, the location on the property, and the proximity to hazards such as power lines. Our team will assess your removal and communicate what we are going to do and how we are going to do it before the first cut is made.

Once we are finished we are sure to clean up any branches or debris caused by the removal. Our goal is to leave your property as pristine as it was before the service.

Reasons for Tree Removal

  • Dead or dying trees sometimes must be removed to prevent them from falling and causing a danger to people and property.
  • Trees may be removed when growing in a crowded environment with too much competition for light and resources.
  • Trees, and their roots, which encroach on electrical, water, gas, or sewer service may need to be removed to prevent failures in those utilities.
  • Trees which disrupt foundations of buildings may need to be removed.
  • Fallen trees may need to be removed.
  • Trees may need to be removed to make room for new construction or a change in land use.

If you decide that a tree on your property needs removal, contact a certified arborist to assess the condition of the tree and give advice on the need for complete removal. Always contract with an insured and bonded company to protect yourself in the event of an accident or injury. Make sure you hire a tree removal company with experience. Tree removal is not easy, even for the professionals. In the wrong hands, it can become dangerous.

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