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After serving Greeley and surrounding areas for more than 65 years, Kincaid Tree Surgery is confident in our ability to provide you with quality tree services at affordable prices. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction in everything we do.

A family owned and locally operated business, Kincaid Tree Surgery was established in 1952.  Since then we have grown to become Northern Colorado’s premier full-service tree care company.

What sets us apart? With Kincaid Tree Surgery, you get a rare combination of experience and expertise. We pair the knowledge gained after decades in the tree business with insight from our ISA certified arborists to create top of the industry maintenance programs and solutions to your biggest landscaping needs.

We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings and today you benefit from our ability to deliver end-to-end solutions without needing to hire extra contractors to finish the job. With one call you can have a total solution, and take comfort that the job will be done right the first time.

Arborist and Tree Surgeon – Greeley CO

Kincaid Tree Surgery is a full-service tree care provider servicing Greeley and surrounding areas. These are the services we offer:

Tree Pruning

Trees are constantly growing. As such, it is important to prune them on a regular schedule. If your trees go too long between maintenance, they can become unhealthy or even dangerous when limbs begin to follow. Professional pruning overseen by certified arborists is the best way to keep your foliage looking its best.

Tree Removal

Removing a tree takes planning and skill. There is no room for error when heavy trunks are being cut high in the air. Kincaid Tree Surgery has been removing trees safely for 65 years. We can safely remove any tree on your property without causing damage to any other plants or structures.

Deep Root Fertilization

Fertilization does no good when the majority of the nutrients on the ground are washed away by rain and irrigation or blown away by the wind. With Kincaid Tree Surgery’s deep root fertilization, slow release nitrogen is delivered directly to the root system for maximum absorption.

Stump Grinding

No need to spend all day hacking at a stump on your property. Kincaid Tree Surgery can quickly and safely remove any stump with little disruption to the rest of your yard.

Insect and Disease Control

Insect and disease control for trees is a necessary precaution in Northern Colorado. Our state certified pest control specialists work with our arborists to deliver the most efficient treatment possible to preserve the health of your trees.

Our staff is highly trained and certified to complete whichever service you need. Our goal is to promote the healthy growth of your trees and to safely intervene when trees become unsafe or need to be removed. And, we can offer integrated programs to utilize the benefits of multiple services to deliver the best results for you and your foliage. If you need a tree related service in Greeley, contact Kincaid Tree Surgery today.

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