Deep Root Fertilization

Professional Tree Fertilization in Northern Colorado

Odds are, you have a lot invested in your landscape. Replacing trees and mature shrubs would take a significant amount of money and a lot of time. Making sure your vegetation has what it needs to thrive is a great way to protect your investment. With Kincaid Tree Surgery deep root fertilization, you can ensure your plants stay healthy and remain an attractive part of your environment.

The Deep Root Fertilization Process

Plants, especially trees and large shrubs, continually take nutrients from the soil in order to stay healthy. Eventually the soil becomes depleted and compacted, especially in our heavy clay soil. Oxygen cannot make its way to the roots and nutrients grow scarce. When this happens, your trees and other plants suffer.

When we deep root fertilize, a nitrogen rich solution is injected into the ground at a depth around 12 to 14 inches. The injections are spaced every 2-3 feet throughout the root zone; extending past the canopy outline.

The injections work in two ways. The depth of the injection allows the nutrients to reach the roots and the disruption of the earth aerates the soil to provide oxygen to the roots. A well-designed deep root fertilization program will eventually increase microbial activity, increase the oxygen content, and increase nutrient levels in the soil around and within the root zone.

Benefits of Deep Root Fertilization

With our slow release nitrogen deep root fertilization, many changes occur in the soil surrounding your plants. The overall effect is a healthier and greener tree. These are just a few of the benefits.

  • Increases in how efficiently plants absorb nutrients.
  • Aeration increases the oxygen content in the soil.
  • Promotes better root respiration.
  • Better drainage, especially in clay soils.
  • Greener leaf colors and higher density of foliage
  • Efficient delivery system for other nutrients when needed.

Once the soil is improved, your trees will make significant improvement in several areas. Trees placed on a consistent deep root fertilization program can expect the following to occur:

  • Improved drought resistance.
  • Better winter hardiness.
  • More root growth.
  • Improved pest resistance.
  • Increased resistance to disease.
  • Better photosynthesis.

Deeper is Better

Deep root fertilization is efficient. A Kincaid technician utilizing deep root injector can deliver the exact nutrients a tree needs to the area which can use it most; the root system. And, the formula can be adjusted to meet the individual requirements of the plant, as can the depth of injection to accommodate different soils and types of trees.

Kincaid Tree Surgery deep root fertilization is a great way to promote the health of your trees and shrubs. Healthy plants last longer and can withstand insect infestation and disease that undernourished plants cannot. Committing to a deep root fertilization program developed by a certified arborist is a sound investment in your landscape.

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