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We started Kincaid Tree Surgery in 1952 and have been serving the Johnstown/Milliken area ever since. For the past 65 years we have provided the best tree maintenance service in Northern Colorado and are proud to be part of this beautiful farmland community.

When you contact Kincaid Tree Surgery, you can expect to find a commitment to quality service at affordable prices. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction in everything we do. Family owned and locally operated, we still manage our business on the same principles upon which it was founded.

If you are looking for professional tree maintenance services for either residential or commercial properties you have come to the right place. ISA certified arborists oversee every service we provide to ensure you are getting the best solutions possible for your trees and other landscaping needs. The combination of our expertise and experience makes Kincaid Tree Surgery the place to go for a complete tree maintenance program or for isolated tree related issues.

Arborist and Tree Surgeon – Johnstown CO

Kincaid Tree Surgery offers a full complement of services for every tree-related need you may have. Here is the complete list of professional services we provide for residential and commercial property owners in the Johnstown/Milliken area:

Tree Pruning

Just like shrubs and other smaller plants, trees need pruning too. Unfortunately, many property owners neglect this important maintenance service and their trees become unhealthy or even dangerous. Our professional tree pruning is overseen by certified arborists to make sure your tree gets exactly what it needs to survive and thrive.

Tree Removal

Allowing a tree to remain upright when it is dead or near dying can be dangerous.  Removing a tree of any size without the proper equipment and experience can also be hazardous. If you have a tree in need of removal, let Kincaid Tree Surgery handle the job. We’ve been removing trees for 65 years and we can make short work of any tree removal thrown our way.

Deep Root Fertilization

Fertilization is critical to continued tree health and Kincaid Tree Surgery uses the best techniques in the industry to deliver nutrients directly to your root system. With our deep root fertilization process your tree will never look better. And, it will live longer too.

Stump Grinding

Stumps don’t have to stay on your property forever. Let Kincaid Tree Surgery remove your stumps before they rot and turn into insect magnets threatening other plans or even structures on your property.

Insect and Disease Control

Insect and diseases will never stop trying to damage your trees. That’s just a fact of life in Northern Colorado. Kincaid Tree Surgery can win the battle with our insect and disease control programs, keeping your trees safe and looking beautiful.

In addition to standalone services, Kincaid Tree Surgery offers integrated tree maintenance programs which combine several services to keep your trees healthy and looking great. Not every tree is created equally so we make sure to recommend what will work best for you and your unique requirements.

If you need a tree service, you can be assured we have a thoughtful solution which takes into account your budget and goals for your property. For more information about our tree services, contact Kincaid Tree Surgery today.

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