Tree services by Kincaid Tree Surgery

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Since 1952, Kincaid Tree Surgery has been providing Northern Colorado with professional tree services designed to promote healthy and vigorous trees and meet the needs of commercial and residential landscapes alike. Our certified arborists and other specialty personnel can provide any tree-related service you may require. And, our service is always fast, friendly, and affordable.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is essential to promote tree health and longevity while limiting exposure to dangerous dead or dying branches.

We combine the experience gained after almost seventy years in the industry with modern technology, commercial grade equipment, and specialized training to bring you the best tree pruning service in Northern Colorado.

Tree Removal

Sometimes despite our best efforts a tree needs to be removed. Whether it is dead or dying, or needs to be moved to prevent damage to a building or utility service, each tree needs to be removed with careful planning and in a safe environment.

We have the ability to remove any tree, large or small. Our trained staff will efficiently and safely remove your tree without causing unnecessary injury to other plants or structures on the property.

Deep Root Fertilization

Every once in a while your trees need a shot in the arm; a boost to keep them thriving and healthy enough to ward off disease. Deep root fertilization is the answer. Our process allows for slow release nitrogen to be inserted where it can be most effective; directly into the root system.

This technique also aerates the soil, supplying much needed oxygen to the impacted roots. With consistent application, your soil will become a far more hospitable environment for your plants and your trees will prosper.

Stump Grinding

There is no need to leave an unsightly and potentially dangerous stump in the middle of your lawn when you remove a tree. With our assortment of grinders, we can quickly and safely remove that eyesore and leave you with more space to use in other ways.

We grind stumps well below grade to prevent new growth from sprouting. We also make sure to grind the top of the root ball to kill off any remaining root structure. By the time we’re done, you won’t even know where that annoying stump was.

Insect and Disease Control

Even when you properly prune and fertilize, disease and insects can still attack your trees and quickly destroy everything in their path. Our certified arborists and pest control specialists can create a plan of attack to rid your landscape of unwanted pests.

We have the experience to uncover what exactly is attacking your trees and we will come up with a plan. Whether you are looking for an immediate intervention due to obvious insect or disease damage, or want a preventative maintenance plan to keep the pests at bay, we can provide an integrated solution.